Cross Pin

Lotti Dottie jewelry Cross pin 

add it to your Lotti Dottie jewelry accessory collection 

this popular inexpensive jewelry line is great for those ladies who love LOTS OF OPTIONS....

you can easily change out the interchangeable dotties with each of your beautiful accessories you have.

I keep a portfolio in my vehicle with several pieces so when the occasion calls for it, I can just pop out a DOTTIE 

and match any outfit I am wearing.   

I have so much more in this JEWELRY LINE in my shoppe....  so if you're in the area and would like to see for yourself, please feel free to contact me @ 740-852-3075 or email or facebook message me.   

Hopefully I'll get a chance to put some more great pieces and dotties on the website (but with the popularity, they can go out of stock quickly so I usually only have my main staples listed on here)  You can go to my facebook page and I may share more photos on there of current stock items.  

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