1803 Melts
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1803 Melts

If you LOVE 1803 SOY candles.... then you will definitely LOVE their SOY MELTS!

Each wax melt/tart is filled with the same wax that they fill their candles with. 

They use PURE AMERICAN Farm soy wax.  They take pride in mixing and pouring every item without a machine

Six generously hand-poured soy wax squares filled with their amazing highly fragrant scents

offering you an option of wonderful fragrances without a flame   :)

1803 Jar Candle
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1803 Jar Candle

These awesome smelling candles are made from pure American farmed soy wax and is a family owned and operated company located in rural midwest state.  

You will LOVE the amazing scents available!  

these jars are 14 oz and smell as wonderful at the end as they did from the beginning. 

Look for new scents coming soon!

1803 Room Spray
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1803 Room Spray

don't have time to burn a candle for that wonderful scent to fill your home before company arrives.....  or just want to add a burst of your favorite fragrance in your vehicle or room.  These are great for that!!  Same wonderful aroma from the like candles just in a quick burst.

4 fl oz

Luminara Primitive Candle
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Luminara Primitive Candle

Luminara Real Flame Effect Candle

this real flame effect candle is one of my FAVS!!!!

It looks so real life and glows in the primitive grubby look to add a warm glow to any area you want to add a little country charm to.

3.5 x 5" tall       ( 7" available by request only - please call or email for more info )


takes 2 D batteries

1 in stock
Candleberry Tart cake
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Candleberry Tart cake

If you love Candleberry jar candles, you'll love their unique scents in the form of a cake tart.  This cake breaks off into 8 pieces letting you choose how much to use and they still have the same strength of scentl.   Try them today!  Check out the most popular scents below:

Maple honey. Grandma used to cure all ailments with her special cup of warm spirits dashed with lemon juice. The best part was the spoonful of maple honey. And does this scent ever cure your senses!

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I picked up this great candle line in early 2011
this company has grown so much over the past several years and it's no wonder why....

they not only smell so wonderful but they look so cozy and warm when they're burning.

candle is hand-rolled in mason jars with antiqued cheese cloth, labels with a string accent. The 16 ounce candle has a burn time of 80 to 100 hours. 

Hand made in the USA.


They also have room sprays, diffusers and tarts

BROWN SUGAR is their #1 seller

other scents also available are:

Goose Creek Cannery Candle
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Goose Creek Cannery Candle


Goose Creek's new Cannery Jar line with all the highly fragrances you have come to associate with Goose Creek! These jars come in the 26 oz with black metal lids and handles.

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#26oz Candleberry

Candleberry's Scented Candles

Made in the U.S.A.

26 oz jar
burn time = 140 - 160 hrs

HOT MAPLE TODDY {#1 SELLER}:  This blend of scents is so popular, it's hard for me to keep them stocked....  my customers love the way this scent fills the whole house with the warm sweet scent  {just a personal note, seems like this is a favorite among the fellas out there too}

CANDLEBERRY CAFE: This yummy scent is a blend of Morning Brew, Irish Cream and Hazelnut which smells like your favorite coffee brewing... mmmm good!